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Glaucoma Specialist

The Leading Glaucoma Specialist in Texas

Glaucoma is a serious eye health concern. Here are the top facts our glaucoma specialist wants the patients of our Texas eye centers to know.

Glaucoma isn’t just one condition. It is actually a group of eye health conditions that all damage the optic nerve. This nerve is what connects our eyes to the brain. This nerve transmits the data that our eyes bring in and is responsible for our eyesight.

As glaucoma gets worse, that nerve fiber becomes more damaged. Treatment can help protect those nerve fibers and reduce the vision loss that comes with this condition.

In general, there is no cure for glaucoma. That’s why our glaucoma specialist recommends that people who are concerned about developing this condition come in on a regular basis for eye care checkups. The best way to treat glaucoma is to catch it early and start to control its development. If glaucoma is caught soon enough, there is a good chance that your vision can be preserved and you can enjoy healthy eyesight into old age.

Even if your glaucoma is already starting to develop, there is still hope. Our Texas eye centers use the latest and most trusted treatments to help manage and restore your vision. When you come into one of our eyecare centers, you will be getting the best glaucoma treatment in the state of Texas.

Glaucoma is a serious condition, but seeing your eye doctor today can help you reduce the development of this disease. Help is available for everyone no matter how developed your glaucoma is.

Don’t let glaucoma ruin your vision. Our specialists are ready to help you restore and preserve your vision.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can control your glaucoma. There are treatments available for you and your family.

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